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I'm a baby Mumma of two gorgeous creatures who actually inspired the name Sage and Ivy.

I've always been a lover of beautiful things. Growing up I spent hours in my Nan's loved garden and am always the Gal who stops to smell the flowers! 

It's the little things that make this crazy world go round, so I want to inspire people to love and see the beauty in nature the way I see it through wild, fresh unstructured blooms set at affordable prices for your home, weddings and special functions.

Alongside our blooms I'm also a huge lover for intricate lace and fabrics and the feeling it gives you with wearing something you feel amazing in.

Sage and Ivy have designed free spirited luxe Robes to entice you to feel like the stunning womanly creatures you are, whether it's for your wedding day or just to feel fabulous in your private surroundings....